The Legacy Of Sleepy Hollow

“A cracking good read!”
– Deborah MacGillivray, Award-winning Author of A RESTLESS KNIGHT



25 years after the headless horseman’s famous midnight ride…

Racing at breakneck speed through the woods along the eerie, darkened roads of Sleepy Hollow, Braughton Van Ripper curses the man who had died before properly making him his heir. With Brom dead, the only avenue left to him for gaining control of Sleepy Hollow is through marriage…or murder…and Katherine is slowly losing her heart to the son of her father’s nemesis.

“The people will think you’ve made a pact with the Devil…and the Hollow has a way of preserving what it holds dear…no matter the cost.”

Join Katherine Van Brunt, daughter and heir to the infamous Brom Bones, and Icharus Crane in their quest to save the legacy of Baltus Van Tassel in…The Legacy of Sleepy Hollow.

The Legacy Of Sleepy Hollow
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“Great Story! Romance blooms and danger lurks in the shadows, enticing chills down the spines of all who dare to pick up this story for some stormy late night reading.”
– Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews

“Fantastic Storytelling! A page-turner from start to finish – I didn’t want to put it down!”
– Brianna Somersham, author of the Taliesin Chronicles series