Rogue – at last!


Hello world. 🙂

It has been a while, but I’m back and I’ve re-released REDEMPTION (for both Kindle and Paperback) but there’s better news — ROGUE!

rogue-leshayKINDLEAfter what seems like a billion, kazillion years, I’m releasing the loooooong awaited second book in my “R” series as a serial novel. What does that mean? Well, it means you get it in parts. Why? Because this way you don’t have to wait until I finish editing the whole novel. You get about 25,000 words at a time instead.

How many parts do I anticipate there will be? Four. And then, I will put all the “parts” together into one complete novel, which I fully intend to release in paperback, but that won’t be for some time yet, I’m afraid. My alter ego – wait, I AM the alter ego – is in the middle of several “must do” projects so we have to wait a few months for Part Two, but I promise it is coming.

For now, you can content yourself with getting to know Hunter and Aleigha, reacquaint yourself with Devlin and Tian and Merrick (from Redemption) and maybe even have a chance to meet Merrick’s downfall – a lovely lady called Elizabeth.

Hope you enjoy reading the first part of the story!